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The most valuable email you’ll write today for your business

Read time: 7 minutes

The most valuable email you’ll write today for your business

Read time: 7 minutes

Hi there! 

I’m visiting your website. A good friend of mine recommended you.. 

You must have put a LOT of effort into this? I really like it, very impressive!

And the projects you’ve done are actually close to what I’ve got in mind. It seems you’ve got the skills to help me?

Ah, I see you have a newsletter, great, I’m joining.

So. Here I am. About to trust you with my email address. My first ‘yes’ and transaction with your business. 

I enter my email and hit subscribe. 

Crickets. «Request received» or something flashes back at me.

Really, you’re one of those companies?

Say we met at a trade fair instead of on your website.

Face to face at your stand.

You’ve left nothing to chance. After all, this booth cost a lot! So, you’ve made sure it perfectly represents you, your team and your services.

First impression is a big deal, right?

We get a chance to talk. Turns out you love my project and I love your work and vibe. It’s a match.

So I write my email on a piece of paper and hand it to you. 

You reach out, take the piece of paper, turn, and walk away. 

And leave me hanging.


What?? No! You wouldn’t?

I didn’t think so.

Proud of yourself, your work and your business – you’d thank me for the opportunity, maybe tell me even more about you, and follow up with a personal email.

Because you’re that kind of person. You’re a Professional.

Or are you..?

Time to have a look in the mirror.

Your website just blew me off on your behalf when I gave you my email.

No excitement, thank you, introduction to your world or helpful next steps – just a digital back walking away. 

That makes me wonder; did I make the right choice? How will the rest of the experience as your client be?

And will you really deliver the goods..?

I’m not too confident right now.

This should have been the first step toward the moving-in dinner with friends.

Proudly telling everyone about you; the mind behind my home.

So, you see, there’s a lot at stake when someone hits ‘Subscribe’. 

74 percent of new subscribers expect a welcome email

The solution?

Just like you imagine how people move through your buildings, you can design peoples’ journey from discovering you to becoming your client.

This is the game we’re playing:

Status: Your website is making a lousy foundation on your behalf. 

But hey, cheer up, it’s not all bad!

You’ve done most things right. The difficult things actually.

After all, you have a good business going, and so far you’ve:

  • Gotten my attention 
  • Engaged me with your projects 
  • Made me subscribe 

But how to keep winning?

We’ll dig deeper below. The short answer for now is:

  1. Make a ‘Thank you’ page
  2. Write 3 welcome emails 
  3. Install and automate 

By the way – Hi, I’m Kristian!

Thank you for staying with me so far.

I REALLY appreciate your time!

As a digital marketing strategist, I train and help architects like yourself get more clients and build predictable revenue with – you guessed it – digital marketing.

So you’ll have more time and money to do the fun stuff.

After 20 years of sales, marketing and design work, there is a chance I know a little more than you about digital marketing.

Just like I expect you to know more about AutoCAD and construction than me. Specialist to specialist.

My goal with this article is to leave you with some new valuable perspectives on the guhruuu-world of ‘Marketing’.

In fact, I’ll share one with you one right now.

How many subscribers do you have?

Let’s say it is 1,500. And it is growing. Now it’s 1,700.

200 more, yeah, way to go!

Hold it! Hold it right there..

200 more what? That’s 200 PEOPLE. Imagine the same 200 standing in front of you. That’s a lot!

Maybe even enough to consider making it worth their time and deliver something spectacular, eh?

Notice how easily numbers can disconnect you from real life? 

The perspective I’m sharing is HUGE. Your business isn’t B2B or B2C. Or D2C. It’s behind budgets, numbers and growth predictions.

Whatever you call your business model, it’s Human to Human.

«Aaah, but you see, our business is different» No!

Listen, Disney bought Pixar some years ago. Billion dollar deal. A merger of two huge companies and thousands of employees.

Guess how many brilliant minds were needed to close that sale?

Two! Human to human. One relationship that Bob Iger (Disney’s genius CEO, read his book) built with Steve Jobs.

And I say ‘Built’ on purpose, this was not by chance. Level by level, Bob built trust and confidence. And a deep friendship.

A friendship that lead to Steve’s ultimate ‘Yes’.

But what does that have to do with marketing?

Everything. Marketing’s job is to build relationships.

And lucky for you… There is a proven recipe for building relationships.

A recipe to guide strangers into superfans. 

Let’s go to Oslo and have a look.

Welcome to AHO, the architecture school in Oslo, Norway.

Outside, at this open day, companies are showing their products to the next generation of architects and visiting architecture enthusiasts like me. 

One company stands out. They’re on a mission: «Bring people together». (Their world-class purpose melts my marketer-heart.) 

This company makes furniture for public spaces. Or do they?

«Our end products are not products, they are experiences.» Interesting!

And people instinctively hang out here. Like magic, their different-looking and fun furniture is bringing people together creating experiences.

Now, this was actually several years ago. And what stuck with me these years was not their stand or the warm welcome.

What made a difference was just small detail.

I’ll get back to it in a moment.

There are about 2.7 million architects waiting in line behind you (if you don’t count AI).

But first, what is marketing?

In my book, marketing’s purpose is pretty simple: to move people step by step to the next level in their becoming-a-client journey. 

And there are 8 marketing levels to move them through. Here is a refresh of the addictive marketing-ladder game:

And since marketing is all about making relationships, you actually already know how to do it.

First seeing someone, talk together, exchange numbers, first date, first kiss, the first night intertwined, and later marriage and maybe kids. And a dog. Step by step, up the stairs we go.

Caution: skipping steps doesn’t work. You’ll trip and hit your head. Or lose sales if you thinking you’re so smart you can skip marketing steps. Ouch! 

How do you build a building? It’s a chronological process, foundation before roof, right?

Ah-ha!! You got this already, you’ll master marketing in no-time. 

Just follow the recipe: guide and move prospects through all of the 8 marketing levels (ask and I’ll teach you all 8).

Back to AHO. 

Photo: Júlia Martins Miranda

Vestre is the Norwegian company bringing people together.

They shared their story. I gave them my email. As I was leaving, they handed me a bag with their brochure and a note expressing their gratitude for my interest. 

Let’s pause here for a second.

The game of marketing being played at this level is a lot of fun. It’s called «How to make someone’s day».

You get to use all your creative powers to move people emotionally. 

Find ways to make people smile, get excited, feel hopeful, confident or curious. Above all: welcome and valued. 

Make it a moment worth sharing and talking about.

Aim for:

«WOW, what the… I did not expect that! THANK YOU! I need to tell someone about this company! Like everyone. NOW!»

What stuck with me was the bag. A more subtle wow than above for sure, but just as effective. A well-made bag.

Their brand’s bright yellow color and the Vestre logo in black on one side and all black on the flip-side. Thick textile, no cheap plastic or see-through cloth. 

It made me feel like this was important. That I was important.

A company that pays so close attention to details..? I’m certain I can trust them. Nothing was left to chance.

They’re Pros. They’ve got this. I can relax.

And had I placed an order – I’d be confident I was about to become the most satisfied bench owner around.

This, my friend, is the kind of impact you are missing out on. 

HEY! You just received something more valuable than diamonds; someones trust, time and attention!

«Request received», «Check your mail to confirm» or «Click all the buses to prove you are human» is not the way to celebrate… 

To make matters worse, you had the rare opportunity to start a long and valuable relationship with a series of welcome emails.

Instead, weeks later when they’ve forgotten about you, you send your next newsletter.

You’re talking about an award you won. Well, good for you…

Game over 🤖

Welcome emails, on average, have a 4x open rate and 5x click-through rate compared to regular newsletters.

Let’s recap.

  1. I signed up for your newsletter and gave you my first ‘yes’
  2. I officially started trusting you
  3. You had a chance to WOW me into loving your business

☀️ Good news: most other architects (and businesses) out there are terrible at this too. No-one ever told them this detail is such a big deal. Until now. It’s an unfair advantage up for grabs.

So cheer up my Friend!

Let’s make some changes and have your marketing game match your architecture standard.

Subscribers who read at least one welcome email read 40 percent more content from the sender over the next 180 days.

To wrap it up, your 5 step recipe:

1. Write. Carve out some time today to draft 3 welcome emails. Now is a good time. It will be the most valuable email you write today – possibly ever. 

2. Automate. Insert the mails in your automated welcome email sequence (Mailchimp maybe?)

3. Give thanks. Make a ‘Thank you for joining us’ page on your website. Celebrate their choice to join! A personal note from someone in charge is a good first version. Keep it simple and get it done.

4. Forward. Send new subscribers from the subscribe form to the ‘Thank you’ page.

5. Test. Sign up for your own newsletter. Would you buy from this company sending you emails? Or tell your friends about them? Anything you could add make them more valuable?


You’ve got this!

Good work!


PS. Want your welcome fixed immediately? We can do it for you. 

Together we’ll make your welcome system and emails so good you’ll be flooded with prospects that know you, trust you and are ready for the next step.

Here to help.


Build trust and brand awareness with welcome emails. We will design, write and implement your automated sequence for new subscribers.

·  Welcome email strategy session
·  Template design and copywriting
·  Implementation with an email platform

Learn more



Build trust and brand awareness with welcome emails. We will design, write and implement your automated sequence for new subscribers.


·  Welcome email strategy session
·  Template design and copywriting
·  Implementation with an email platform

Sobreiras grew our mailing list from 0 to 2400 highly qualified subscribers and leads. Several are now investors and clients.

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«Sobreiras grew our mailing list from 0 to 2400 highly qualified subscribers and leads. Several are now investors and clients.»

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